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You have a critical voice,
an important story,
a different perspective,

and through online platforms
you can reach a lot of people,
spread your message,
and initiate change.

but those same platforms are powerful corporations,
inaccessible and opaque,
hiding behind their algorithms,
determining who gets heard
and who is not heard.

It's time to claim your space.
With new European rules,
that help you tell your message,
more freely and autonomously.
Make sure your voice stays heard online.


Haroon AliLinda DuitsAlexander KlöppingRobin Aisha PocornieSander Schimmelpenninck

Join us to spread to word!

With your help, we can make more people aware of the new European platform law, ensuring that critical voices continue to be heard. Follow the steps below and show why you stand for a free and more autonomous internet.

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  1. write a personal caption
    Online platforms are reducing the reach of critical voices every day. Using the new European laws, make sure your voice continues to be heard online. Check

  2. Download an image
    Use one of three images from our campaign.

  3. Post
    Share your post on social media and make others aware of their new rights on these platforms.